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Buyers’ Guide

1. Why Rutu City’s Richmond?
Rutu City's signature premier launch, Richmond, is inspired by one of the most iconic and liveable places in the world, Richmond, Virginia, which is an immaculate blend of artistic magnificence & modern wizardry, blessed with the pure charm of the old & the sheer appeal and grandioso of the new. The project features an excellent combination of high class amenities with an immaculate touch of nature, imparting it an alluring and endearing persona, making Rutu City’s Richmond, the pinnacle of smart living.

2. Why Ghodbunder Road, Thane?
It is our conviction that just as our presence makes a home what it is, a home in turn also shapes us in very special ways, and in due course, eventually comes to define us. It is in keeping with this conviction that every facet of Rutu City has been custom-designed to be complementary and symbiotic to make the best and greatest impression on every member of our homes. Thus, Ghodbunder Road, Thane, is the fulcrum in our endeavour to shape special lives with special homes that are mutually blissful in the truest sense of the word.

In furtherance, once in the shadow of Mumbai, Thane today has an identity of its own with consistent growth in the residential, commercial & retail sectors etc. Also, despite all the industrial and residential developments, Thane retains its touch of nature that renders it a serene & peaceful aura.

Thane is a modern-day metropolis that is set to be one of the biggest cities in India with Ghodbunder Road being the most prestigious & ever-booming hub of the city. It offers a very comfortable and active lifestyle with all the essential & advanced facilities that helps shape a beautiful & peaceful existence, making it an ideal place to have a home.

With more than 30 lakes located within and around the city, Thane is also known as ‘The Lake City’. It is also connected to many natural delights, including Yeoor Hills, which makes living in the city beautiful & affluent.

Thane is a plethora of diversity with places spanning shopping malls, educational & cultural centres, hospital & medical services, IT offices, among many others, which has makes life in the city fascinatingly enchanting.

Thane is also in relative close proximity to Lonavla, Nashik, etc., along with being well connected to Mumbai by various modes of high-speed and accessible transportations. The Mumbai Airport is also a reasonable commute away. Furthermore, Eastern – Western Express Highways and local trains, makes Mumbai and other eminent localities accessible.

Apart from all these facilities, there are many projects under development that will soon make Thane the centerpiece of urban transportation. Some of them are as follows:
  • CST-Wadala-Ghatkopar-Thane Ghodbunder Road Metro Rail
  • Thane-Bhiwandi-Thane Mono Rail
  • Borivali-Thane Link Road
  • High-Speed Rail Corridor Through Thane
  • Navi Mumbai International Airport

3. Why live in a township?
Living in township presents you an urban lifestyle with enhanced facilities like well-developed roads, sufficient electric and water supply etc. A number of facilities in a township are better and bigger. When you ask for more civic amenities, numbers and its intrinsic quality always matter and a township offers the best of both worlds when it comes to enhanced facilities and features.

Educational, commercial, natural & social resources combines together to make township the optimal choice to build a complete and fulfilling life. Rutu City at Ghodbunder Road Thane, is a very good example of all these factors coming together and creating an idea living environment.

Celebrations of many festivals & events play a very important factor in making a socially active township and living in a township makes it possible in a more secure and vibrant manner.

Safety is again one of the biggest advantages of having a home in a township with Rutu City’s Richmond being an ideal example of it. With many safety services and amenities, township offers a safe and healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

A vibrant and happy home plays a big part in shaping a person’s personality & moulding their attitude. Living in township gives a contemporary and social touch to lifestyles which indirectly reflects how happy a person feels, which ultimately is most important. Rutu City's Richmond, located at one of the most modern townships in Ghodbunder Road, Thane, offers you the ‘Home that shapes lives to the best with the best.’

4. Why spacious flats are advisable?
Nobody enjoys living in cramped spaces. When you buy a new house, you have many dreams. One of them is to live a comfortable life to express and live life to the fullest. You certainly need more space to realise all of life's potential to the greatest and ultimately realize all the inherent qualities one is endowed with whilst providing the best for our family.

Also owning a home is not a decision made easily or taken lightly. It is taken looking at the future and hence it is always advisable to own a home that is endowed with more space than you currently feel you might need, so we recommend in investing in spacious flats for present and the future to come. So all in all, when it comes to buying a home, opt for a more spacious flat, for both practical and emotional reasons. Since homes are where a significant time of our life is spent, it is always. 'bigger the better.'

5. Why it is always wise to spend a little more while buying a new flat?
Buying a flat is an important decision of our life. We would always like to live in a good city, good location, good township/surrounding, and a spacious flat, as you always want the best for you and your family. Buying a smaller economical flat may save some amount now, but with the passage of time, you and your family will require more space, more comfort, better environment and feel like moving to a more spacious flat.

However, moving to another flat will require selling your existing flat, paying govt. charges again, and going through the loan formalities again. Then why not buy a spacious & smarter flat where you can shepherd your life to a higher standard of living that you can be truly proud of. After all, it’s not about buying a place to live, but building and investing in a brighter and happier future.

6. How flat sizes are comparable with other developers?
The creators of Rutu City’s Richmond believe in the principle, “more space means more happiness”. This project offers you more spacious and comfortable flats to have a joyful living experience in a comparatively reasonable valuation. It has luxurious living rooms, bedrooms & capacious bathrooms, which leads to beautiful and fulfilling moments. Rutu City’s Richmond is your canvas for a beautiful future to come.

7. Why eco-friendly living?
Living amidst nature is always a pleasant experience. Although the city is progressing towards becoming a well-developed one, somewhere it is losing the caress of nature. Rutu City’s Richmond is located in the heartland of Thane surrounded by greenery yet is the epicentre of progress. It also features environmental friendly features like Solar Power, Wind Power etc., which helps in protecting the delicate balance of our environment.

The usage of solar energy provides us with a cleaner environment and a life where we will not have to constantly worry about the ever-reducing natural resources to provide us with the basic comforts of our life.

Eco-friendly living is very important in building a better & healthier future for us and our next generation. Rutu City’s Richmond therein offers a perfect balance of eco-friendly and modern living, because we cannot enjoy our today if our tomorrow is not in safe hands.

8. How our amenities are better?
Rutu City’s Richmond is the ultimate and smartest choice of luxury in the neighbourhood of Thane as it features many splendid amenities designed in keeping with what is most desired and treasured, but achieving it in the most smartest, grandest and responsible manner.

The combination of internal amenities like modular kitchen, luxurious living room, spacious bathroom and the external amenities like various activity areas, high quality elevators, sufficient parking, to name a few, makes Rutu City’s Richmond an all-in-one destination for an ideal home that is fine crafted and nestled in the embrace of modernity and serenity.